10 Random Things About Me

Whenever I consider hiring someone to work with me on a professional or personal level I like to know who they are - who they really are beyond the service they offer. Since this is important to me I figured it might be important to you too, so here's some things you might not know about me ....

I love Cheeky Midweek Lunches

I love taking myself out to lunch mid-week and enjoying a cheeky glass of wine. This is one of the simple luxuries and pleasures I enjoy in life. Table for one in a warm pozy where I can take in the environment, savour a delicious meal, maybe read a book for a while and then go for an unhurried stroll along the esplanade. I receive many of my best ideas and insights this way! Its so important to get away from our desks. (Update!! since first writing this post I've opened up my 'Cheeky Weekday Lunches to other women solopreneurs - its so much fun!)

I used to be in Recruitment and Human Resources

Prior to making the move to follow my heart into the mentoring and healing arts I spent 15 years working in the corporate world as a Business Manager I learnt so many valuable skills during that time that serve me today, but I am so glad to be out of the concrete jungle! I love expressing my divinity as an entrepreneur and being free to do what I want, when I want and how I want. 

I performed in a Belly Dance & a Bollywood concert

like many women I really started connecting more with the goals, dreams and desires that I once had as a teenager. As a young girl I was a ballet dancer and had the opportunity to dance in a few concerts and this same desire bubbled up in me again so enrolled myself into some dance classes and ta-da I had my opportunity to perform again (BTW this act of pursuing my goals again was my homework from a kinesiology session I had because I wanted to resolve a long term acne problem. It worked!)

I eloped and got married in Italy

My husband Jon and I escaped to the Amalfi Coast in Italy and got married on our own! Boy did we have the time of our lives! We arrived together on a Vespa at the Commune de Positano (the town hall) me riding side-saddle with my veil trailing behind us. In attendance for our ceremony was our translator, the Major, our two witnesses, photographer and two musicians. When we got back home we had a fancy cocktail party with all our family and friends.

I wanted to be a Psychologist

In my final years of schooling I decided I wanted to be a psychologist. I remember when I first heard this quote from Dr Carl Jung "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate". Boy did that strike a chord with me! My career journey has taken me right back to this quote of Jung's - it pretty much sums up much of what I do now.

I'm an introvert

People often assume that introverts are quiet and reserved but that is only true for a percentage of people. I for one love to party! But like most introverts I'm already overstimulated and due to my heightened sensitivity to the energy of others I need alone time to restore and recharge - which works well because I love my own company.  In contrast usually extroverts will recharge and be restored by remaining with others. It's handy to recognise this about yourself so you can honour your own needs.

I'm a Francophile

My favourite perfume is Tresor. My favourite movie was filmed in Provence. I can't get enough of Mireille Guiliano's books especially 'French Women For All Seasons' (I saw Mireille speak at a Luncheon here is Australia recently and oh I was so in my element!). What else? Oh yes I gave myself a fringe or 'bangs' because I just love the Frenchy-ness of that look. And I love French film festivals!!

I'm a Foodie

My food snobbery began in my early twenties when I was working in 'two hatted' Darley's Restaurant in the Blue Mountains where I was exposed to top European chefs and out of this world food. These days I'm not only interested in quality food and and nice ambience to eat in - but also the energy in which the food has been prepared. It's important to me that food is made with love, passion and care . . . and using local produce.   

I'm a balcony gardener

I'd love to live on a property in the hills with a food forest, natural stream, chickens and views of the ocean. In the mean time I've have my gardening training wheels on and have tried my hand at growing carrots, basil, tomatoes, kale, chillies, sweet potato and various other herbs - some of these with reasonable success, others not. I'm an avid collector of seeds too! A few months back I had some heirloom tomatoes in one of my favourite cafes . . . I scooped the seeds out and planted them at home!

So what about you . . . what's something I don't know about you? Please tell me in the comments : )