5 Mindset Shifts That Lead To My Best Month In 3yrs!

Have you ever set a career or income goal for yourself, and then been disappointed because you didn’t achieve it?   

Yep me too, I can relate! 

At times I have become disillusioned with goal setting because I kept setting big objectives for the month and then ended up disappointed when I didn’t reach them.

In September I achieved my goals before it was even halfway through the month. And then on top of that I had my best income month in 3-years!

So I sat down and 'reverse engineered' what had contributed to this ‘seemingly’ sudden success in September. 

I found there were 5 key mindset shifts that totally changed my results ... they are the same 5 things that will help you too! 

  1. Learnt an important lesson from reading 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill
  2. Cleared a perpetual negative thought pattern that was playing in the background of my mind 20+ times per day!
  3. Wrote down my own definition of what 'success' means to me
  4. Applied the 'aim lower' philosophy 
  5. Visualised clients chasing me :-)

In this audio I walk you through each approach so you can apply it to your own situation... just click play! 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor