5 Things I Come Back To When Business Is Slow


When it looks like business and clients are beginning to dry up, we can get thrown into a space of panic and then that's the frequency we start emitting to our audience, not good right? 

So what can you do instead of panicking?

Here is an overview of what I share in the audio:

  • My dissolution about goal setting
  • Energetic consolidation
  • Removing negative thought forms
  • Making success inevitable 
  • Adopting an 'aim lower' philosophy 
  • Seeing clients chasing me down the street! 

Lean back and press play ... I'll walk you through the steps in just a few minutes! 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

P.S. It's possible that business might be slow because your message and/or offerings are not capturing your audiences attention. Learn how to clarify who you are best positioned to serve and what you can help them with here: http://danigardner.thinkific.com/courses/ideal-client