7 Ways To Begin Collaborating In Business

7 Ways To Begin Collaborating In Business

Collaborating with other businesses is a powerful way to expand your reach, here's some ideas to get you started. 

First let’s define what collaboration actually means.

I love the simplicity of the following definition found on the Thought Farmer website:

"Where two or more people working together towards shared goals".

The following list of suggestions is a result of my experiences and those of my online business friends  Jason Stein and Beatriz Guevara.

7 collaborative ideas that you can explore for your business:

  1. Submit articles to online and print magazines that align with your values and branding.
  2. Co-author blogs and industry guides with kindred spirits.
  3. Interview clients and peers about specific topics that would be helpful to your audience ( for video, audio or written article).
  4. Let people know you are available to be interviewed for podcasts, summits and live events. Here's and example of how you could do that. 
  5. Sponsor an event, project or initiative that you and your audience care about.
  6. Partner with a client, peer or industry association to meet a need their audience has (that they don’t specialise in).
  7. Connect one-on-one with members of group programs for virtual coffee’s, accountability partnering and paid or free sessions. Grow your reach and reputation one person at at time.

Things to be mindful of when choosing your collaboration partners:

  • Do you share the same philosophy and values? I found myself in a pickle when I realised I was writing for an online magazine that prided themselves on being ‘loud’ and in your face … while I valued a more elegant quieter way of communicating with the marketplace.
  • How does their business persona and branding align with yours? How do they present themselves visually and through words?

If you have any additional suggestions on collaborative ideas or things to be mindful of when choosing collaboration partners I'd love to hear them! Let's chat in the comments :-) 


Danielle Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor