Are 'Special Offers' Doing My Audience Harm?


I thought I was pretty authentic in my marketing strategy, but now I'm reassessing everything.

How many online courses or programs have you invested in and then despite your good intentions, you didn't fully participate in them or finish them?

I can definitely put my hand up and say, several!

Observing this trend has been playing heavily on my heart.

I've watched my ideal clients sign up for multiple programs (including mine) both free and paid. They tend to have a little dabble and then before they know it they are considering buying a new (but very similar) training that has just crossed their path. 

This pattern generates lots of 'activity' but no real movement forward in terms of generating clients and income. #BrightShinyObjectSyndrome

So why this churn and burn of online courses?

From the conversations I've had in recent weeks with my audience the primary reason they have committed to multiple courses without completing what they already have is because they were presented with 'special offers' and bonuses that they simply found impossible to refuse. 

These conversations I've been having has bought my own marketing strategies into question...

I thought I was doing a noble and generous thing when I created 'juicy offers'. I believed I was making a positive contribution to the marketplace by making my training more accessible via 'flash sales' etc.  

Now I see that these sales tactics contribute to a larger more serious problem for online women entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the ways I've found my 'special offers' may have done harm: 

  1. Students who enrolled in a program for a lesser price had lower participation and implement rates, so in effect their investment was wasted.
  2. They end up feeling bad for investing in a course that just gathers dust in on their computer. This takes up energetic space because they keep thinking they should make time for it.
  3. They end up spinning their wheels jumping from training to training. This leads to disappointment and doubt as to if it's even possible to create a business doing their soul work.
I know that each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions, but I don't want my business offerings to contribute to more overwhelm, stress, disappointment and busy-ness in the world. 

What is the solution here? 

I'm in the process of reassessing everything I am doing and working out what this conscious business awakening means for my business moving forward.

What I do know is that I desire to operate from a spirit of trust that my best clients will (and have) come to me when they are ready and in their own time. 

From now on I will be less likely (if at all) to offer super juicy prices or stack on bonuses to tip people over the edge and 'buy now'.

Instead I will offer my services for a reasonable fee. Yes this may lead to less sales initially but the integrity of this choice will ultimately draw more of my ideal clients to me. 

After all my my best clients (the ones who have achieved the best results) have never come to work with me via a special. They were ready to work with me, I didn't need to coerce them with any 'deals'. 

As a final note this is what I will be considering before buying any further trainings myself ...

  • Am I ready for this right now?  Or am I considering buying this because of the special offers and bonuses that I am being presented with? #FOMO
  • How many hours per week will I need to commit to this training? And am I 'really' willing to do that? #BeHonest
  • Would it serve me better to invest in one-on-one sessions so I can receive personalised guidance and accountability, and therefore be more likely to actually achieve my goals? 

I'd love to get a conversation going about this topic so please share your thoughts below. 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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