Zen And The Art Of Business Minimalism

Business Minimalism

Minimalism offers freedom from exhaustion and busyness

Let's begin by exploring the words Zen and Minimalism. 

Zen; a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasises the value of meditation and intuition as the path to clarity, rather than more study.

Minimalism: an approach to something that is characterized by spaciousness and simplicity ... even typing those words makes me feel more relaxed :-)

That said, here is what zen and the art of business minimalism is NOT:  

  • Looking 'out there' for answers all the time and signing up for all the freebies you can get you hands on.  
  • Committing to more than one coaching package, course, mastermind or program at any given time.  
  • Offering several different packages and programs to serve several different types of ideal clients.
  • Trying to have a presence on several social media platforms or Facebook Groups at once.
  • Having lots of moving parts in your business (some of which could be automated) that keep you busy but that don't add any real value or generate income.  

I've been guilty of all of these things myself in my quest to make a difference in the world through my soul work. 

But where did it lead me? 

On a bi-polar type journey of extreme highs and lows ... but mostly lows because this way of being in business is exhausting. 

When we know better, we can do better.

Now I understand the power of 'focus'. 

Focus is what mindfulness and consciousness is all about.

When we give something our loving focused attention then it get's lift off and thrives! 

Then we can move on to the next thing and give our focus on that, and so on. 

What I'm doing to invite more zen and minimalism into my business.

  1. I'm purging any software subscriptions that I don't really need or that don't actually bring in results. For example I'm starting to deliver any group programs 'live' rather than participants watch tutorials on their own. Facebook Groups have become more accomodating for online courses ... so do I really need the paid version of Thinkific? 
  2. I avoid signing up for any email opt-in freebies because I have so much stuff already sitting in my inbox that has not seen the light of day. 
  3. I gain more business clarity and strategy from meditation. When I feel the push to do more and be more I go and sit on my bed in meditation for 5-10 minutes ... instead of going online to 'read or learn more'.
  4. I focus on just one Facebook Group for networking and being of service. This keeps me feeling calm and grounded and allows me to have a strong presence .. while spending less time online. 
  5. I automate parts of my business such as bookings and sharing helpful content. Totally loving social media scheduler MeetEdgar which adds each post to a content library for future use.
  6. Up until a few months ago I had several different 1:1 offers. Now I just have a paid introductory session and my 3-month VIP Business Mentoring package. Did I lose business? Nope, I ended up getting fully booked.  Now I can relax more and enjoy the creative aspects of my business such as writing, creating images and recording audios and videos. 

So what are your thoughts on all this? Are there any takeaways for you? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all this. Comment below or email me

Big love, 

Danielle Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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