Awakening Your Business Intuition

Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.

We all have the same access to intuition its just some of us know how to nurture it and others have not learnt to yet.

Your intuition happens at lightning speed. The answer you seek for your career or life tends to arrive before you’ve even finished asking yourself a question!

It’s because intuition arrives so quickly that we totally miss it.

Be warned! Fast on the heels of intuition is ‘judgement’, the result of both conscious and unconscious programing accumulated over a lifetime (or two!).

Judgement ensures that new and unfamiliar ideas that involve stepping out of your comfort zone are immediately moved over to your trash folder ready for permanent deleting.

This takes place in a millisecond and leaves you frustrated, confused and unable to move forward.

As I work with women to support them with pursuing their purpose, the pathway forward begins to emerge as I access my own intuition. Often as we begin to talk through the details of this action women will say“Oh yeah I’ve often thought of that but I didn’t think it was do-able” or words to that effect.

So what can you do to awaken your intuition?

  1. Firstly just by reading this post and realising how intuition works you have opened up your consciousness and will begin to notice the lightning speed thoughts, words, images that come to mind then you are seeking an answer.
  2. Try not to judge what comes to mind. Often you’ll notice something seemingly unrelated come to mind, don’t dismiss it. Write these thoughts down.
  3. Experiment! Take action on your insights and see what happens. Creating change is all about taking distinctly different actions.

The more you do this the more confident and trusting you will become of your own inner wisdom.

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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