Letting Yourself Be Seen As A Spiritual Mentor


How do you feel about being visible to family and friends with your intuitive and spiritual gifts? 

It is inevitable that as you step more fully into your greater purpose for this life, you will become more visible in the world. And this increased visibility tends to be an uncomfortable transition ... terrifying even! 

In this audio I share with you my own journey with becoming more visible, the different levels of visibility, tools to process the ‘fear energy’ around being visible, and strategies to help you be more comfortable with sharing photos and video with your ideal clients ... so you can be more approachable and they can know, like and trust you. 

I'd love to hear about what you resonated with in the audio. The 'energetic jumpsuit' has been a particularly helpful tool for transforming fear energy around stepping into new levels of visibility. 


Danielle Gardner
Marketing Mentor to Lightworkers

P.S. If you are not having the response you hoped for in your marketing then you may need to refine your Ideal Client description. In this free Audio Guide I share the 4-parts that need to be covered off on so your marketing message motivates your people to book with you.