Conscious Business Women On LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides me with better return on time invested compared to Facebook

More and more women in my online circles are beginning to include LinkedIn in their marketing strategy. If that surprises you then you are probably still thinking that LinkedIn is just an online resume ... it's not!. 

I'm all about spending less time on social media so I can actually log-off and enjoy my personal time. That's why I love LinkedIn because I keep finding that the return on time invested is so good! 

Did you know ...

  • LinkedIn is no longer an online resume! 
  • LinkedIn has free marketing tools that help you to find your ideal clients, start conversations with them and build your following.
  •  Your LinkedIn profile now acts as a hybrid website/FB Business Page, if done correctly.
  • It’s an excellent platform for establishing yourself as an influencer and leader in your niche.
  • LinkedIn has it’s own blogging platform where you can publish your content and these articles rank well on Google searches. {If you like writing then you’ll love this feature!}

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your audience is not on LinkedIn just because you are not there.

My ideal client is spiritual entrepreneurs and yes they are there, lots of them! Plus LinkedIn has allowed me to enter the US and European markets and work with international clients.

Due to my success with LinkedIn women in my online communities started asking me about my LinkedIn marketing strategies. This lead to the creation of my group mentoring program called Making A Splash On LinkedIn where I share my perspective and strategy on how to be 'memorable' on LinkedIn, establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and generate clients. Check it out if that sounds interesting to you! 

In the meantime what questions do you have for me about LinkedIn? Ask in the comments below and let's get it cleared up.


Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor

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