Thumbs Down To Facebook Messenger Marketing


Love it or loath it, word is that Facebook Messenger Marketing is here to stay 

A few months ago I ran an experimented to see what all the fuss was about with Facebook Messenger Marketing

I have to admit up front that the way I set it up this experiment was kinda clunky and not ideal, but it still allowed me to learn some important shiz and decide whether or not I would adopt Messenger Marketing into my business.

To build a Messenger 'audience' for my Facebook Page I offered a digital freebie to my existing email list (this was counter intuitive but I quick way to have some people in my Messenger audience so I could get started with the experiment). Here is what happened: 

  • The people who clicked the link in the email I sent were taken to a FB Messenger landing page courtesy of ManyChat where they could 'opt-in' to receive my free thing and future PM's.
  • Most peeps who signed up did not realise that they had subscribed to receiving PM's from my Facebook Page, even though that was outlined as part of the sign up process. This is understandable since Messenger marketing was very new at the time.
  • Open rates to my Messenger sequence were very VERY high at around 80%. Industry average open rates for email campaigns are around  24%. A huge difference! 

Findings from this experiment ...

Receiving updates from me via Facebook Messenger really polarised people, they either loved it or hated it.

Here's an overview of the response and what to consider if you decide to run a Facebook Messenger marketing campaign: 

  1. People reported receiving notifications in the middle of the night which was obviously disturbing their sleep. Check your scheduling settings to make sure that messages get sent during normal waking hours for that persons timezone.  
  2. Some said that wanted to stay in touch but not via Facebook Messenger because that was their special place to connect with family and close friends.
  3. Others really enjoyed the experience because we ended up in real 'live' conversations that otherwise would not have happened. The Messenger Bot would initiate a conversation but when I saw a reply notification come through I would respond to it in real time myself. 

Although open rates were very good and there was positive feedback from my audience about connecting with me in this way ... this experiment didn't leave me feeling motivated to continue.

To me Facebook Messenger marketing feels too intrusive. 

It's important to me that my audience feels really really good about hearing from me ... rather than me being an interruption into their private family time.

That's why I'm giving Facebook Messenger Marketing the thumbs down 👎🏽.

However, the use of Bots on a Facebook Page to provide 'requested' information in that moment is a very helpful approach, but this is different to using a Messenger 'sequence' for the purpose of educating your audience and promoting offers. 

What are your thoughts on Facebook Messenger Marketing? 

Dani Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor