Finding Clients Outside Facebook Groups


Is constant engagement in Facebook Groups keeping you 'switched on' day and night?  

Facebook Groups have allowed me to refine my message, given me a sense of belonging that I have never experienced before, boosted my confidence, and generated thousands of dollars in income ... for zero advertising dollars! 

The cost to me has been my time, but time well spent. The depth of connection and education I have received from Facebook Groups has been priceless ...

But all along I knew it was not healthy for me to rely on FB Groups. 

Why was that? 

  1. Because it felt like my life was being consumed by notifications and PMs from Groups ... I loved the connection, but being "switched on" all the time meant I could not be fully present with myself or my husband.
  2. Secondly, relying on Facebook Groups was like placing my eggs all in one basket ... what if that basket disappeared one day? Then where would I be?  

So, what are some potential solutions then? How can we generate clients outside of Facebook Groups? 

My recommendation is to take a fresh look at Facebook Ads and educate yourself on how to do them 'properly'. 

Banging up a Facebook Ad to promote your workshops or sessions without proper relationship building or 'targeting' typically leads to disappointment.

Here are some amazing things you can now do with Facebook Ads ...

  1. Place a piece of code on your website that collects 'intel' on the type of person that checks out your offers, freebies and blogs. This piece of code creates an invisible audience that you can send appropriate ad campaigns to (e.g. your blogs, freebie and low-cost digital products). 
  2. As this invisible audience starts to build, you can then ask Facebook to create for you a whole new audience of people that match the same interests, values and demographics as the people who have visited your site before. Within 30 minutes, Facebook will come back to you with an invisible audience of, let's say, 120,000+. 
  3. These days you can set up your Ad so that it shows outside of Facebook, which means your ideal peeps don't actually need to be scrolling the FB Newsfeed to see your marketing message.

Are you capturing the power of this? 

Can you see what this could mean for you and how you spend your time? 

This is one of the business strategies I teach in Marketing School. Check it out and enroll if it speaks to you. 

So do I still engage in Facebook Groups? Yes, I find them valuable for connection, sharing my knowledge and populating my Facebook code with highly targeted 'intel'. I just don't live in them like I used to. 

Big Love, Dani x 


Danielle Gardner
Marketing Mentor to Lightworkers

P.S. If you are not having the response you hoped for in your marketing then you may need to refine your Ideal Client description. In this free Audio Guide I share the 4-parts that need to be covered off on so your marketing message motivates your people to book with you. 

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Hola! I'm an Australian living in Spain. Words and the psychology & soul of marketing are my thing. That's why I love helping holistic healers, mentors and consultants create marketing messages and business systems that generate consistent clients.