Build Your Audience By Writing Helpful Content

Clients decide to work with me after reading, listening or watching the free content I create in 'response' to what they believe they need help with ... as opposed to direct advertising.

This approach is called 'content marketing' and it allows me to start helping my ideal clients solve their challenges and achieve their goals before they've even paid a penny.

This makes me feel generous and like I'm really helping my audience. And in doing this I become endearing to them, they feel a connection with me, and they begin to trust that I can really help them, because I can! 

How are you helping your audience prior to them becoming paying clients? 

There is a saying that I have front of mind as I grow my business, and it goes like this ...

"The best way to demonstrate you can help someone
is to actually help them" 

And the best way to do this is by creating and publishing helpful content such as blogs, audios, videos and digital downloads. But how do you figure out what to write or talk about? 

Step 1:

Begin by answering these 4 questions about your niche:  

  1. What values, lifestyle choices, work status, stage of life and interests characterise them? (i.e. their demographic and psychographic info)
  2. What goal, result or transformation are they working towards?
  3. What challenges do they face when they try to achieve this goal? (you need at least 5 tangible challenges listed) 
  4. What help do ‘they’ believe they need to achieve their goal? (you need at least 5 practical things they believe they need help with) 

{VIP} Before you put out any more offers write down the answers to these questions so you can package your services in 'response' to what your audience is looking for.

>>> Please don't bypass this step! Answering these questions saves you years of fluffing around with your message and offers. Listen to my audio for support with this in the hyperlink above. 

Step 2

Review the 'intel' from these 4-questions and start writing helpful content in 'response' to their challenges and what they need help with. Lead with your best stuff and don't hold back ... seriously! Don't be thinking people won't need you if you give your best stuff away, they will see you as a leader and they'll want to invest in your services.

Step 3

Once you've written a piece of helpful content turn it into a newsletter, a blog post and then repurpose it into an audio or video, or both! 

The more helpful you are, the more you will build an audience of people who are interested in you and what you have to say next. 

Has this been helpful? Please let me know in the comments. 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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