Grow Your Business By Applying Your Human Design

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When you discover your Human Design you unlock your own personal key to success in business and life.

Human Design is a system for understanding ourselves and who we really are. It was channeled to Ra Uru Hu on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 1987. 

This system is "a synthesis of ancient mystical traditions: Western Astrology, the 64 hexagrams of the I’ching, The Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra Model in addition to Modern Science and Genetics" (Source).

There are 4 main 'types' in Human Design. Discover your type and receive a free report here

70% of the population are the 'Generator' type including me, and maybe you too! Generators are here to be 'asked' questions and to 'respond'. In business this means Generators need to create their products and services in 'response' to the marketplace.

If Generators create their business from only their inner inspiration (or intuition) and without noticing what they need to respond to ... then their offers are likely to fall flat on their face. 

Generators need to integrate their gifts and inner inspiration with what people 'out there' are saying they need help with and talking about.

'Manifestors' on the other hand who represent about 10% of the population can initiate whatever they like and create pretty much everything from their own inner inspiration and it will work.

I lived the first 43 years of my life as a Manifestor, always initiating everything ... until I discovered my true Human Design.

Slowly I have made progress with reprogramming this initiating behaviour and I am learning to 'lean back' and observe what people are talking about in my circles and what they are asking me about.

When I create offers and courses based on this 'intel' I have hardly any challenge selling them! 

Have you been creating your business primarily from your own inspiration and intuition? 

Have you explored what results your ideal clients are pursuing ... and what challenges they face in achieving those results? 

If you have never interviewed your ideal clients properly (through 1:1 interviews) then the good new is that you have loads of scope to improve your message! 

When I interviewed my ideal clients (and I've done that 44 times in the past 18-months or so) I received so much clarity about what I have to offer and what my niche actually wanted help with.

If you would love to have the same clarity then take a look at my Master Your Message training which will guide you on how to create offers that your people want to buy. 

I hope what I have shared here gives you new hope on how you can have better results in your business by learning about your Human Design. 

Please do share your Human Design 'type' below and any thoughts you have on this system. 

Blessings, Dani

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