Finding Your First Clients With Market Research Interviews

Beginners luck in the first 12-months of business, it's a thing! 

During the first year of my business clients and speaking opportunities were landing at my feet. And because I was also studying I wasn't even marketing my services very well or very consistently. 

But then ... that honeymoon period came to abrupt end. Client’s and therefore money started to dry up!

I felt so discouraged.

But I knew I needed these 2 things to move forward:

  1. To clarify my message so that people could easily understand the benefit of working with me.
  2. Some kind of 'system' to generate clients that did not rely on luck alone. 

In the video below I show you the simple system I used to both refine my message and enrol clients into my one-on-one sessions.

This is an effective and zero cost way to kick off any new self employment venture in coaching, mentoring, healing, wellness, business administration or any other personal service.


What are your thoughts? Has this information been helpful to you? If so I'd love to know, please share your comments below.

Danielle Gardner, 
Marketing Mentor

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