How To Write Better Market Research Callouts


My marketing was pretty rubbish until I committed to proper market research where I actually interviewed my ideal clients ... rather than polling them via FB Group posts, questionnaires or forms.

All great marketing is based on marketplace 'intel' that is gathered from people who are experiencing the challenge that you can help them solve right now. You might intuitively know what people need, but it's important to confirm what you know by actually speaking to your ideal peeps.

However as you may have discovered already it can be challenging to get a decent response from your market research interview callouts that you place on Facebook. 

Here are some suggestions that will help you have a better response rate to your market research interview callouts: 

  1. Placement: If you’re putting your callout in FB groups where you are not very active and / or in groups where your target market are not hanging out then your response rate will automatically minimal. So prior to posting to FB groups it better to approach people you have already interacted with before and who match your target market description. 
  2. Have an Ideal Client description: if you’re not clear on your target market (or you have resistance to actually having one) then it is pretty difficult to capture anyone's attention. Your callout will sound very general and not compelling enough for anyone to respond. Check out the Ideal Client Identifier for support with this. 

  3. Have a strong opening: the first three lines of a Facebook post (in mobile view) is prime real estate so don't waste it. Aim to describe the woman you are speaking to in the first one to two sentences. If you have a wishy washy opening your ideal peeps will scroll straight past your post.

  4. Use the right image: Ideally the image will be of you where you are looking at the camera and people can see your eyes. This makes you approachable and will help with the response rate. If you use a stock image (which I don't recommend for this kind of post) then you are best to use an image that your ideal client would 'happily' associate themselves with. Avoid images of pain and unpleasantness ... these only make people look in the other direction. 

  5. Check your mindset: are you secretly thinking that nobody will respond to your callout because; a) they don’t have time, b) you don’t want to bother people, or c) that people are tired of signing up for market interviews?  Whatever you believe to be true the universe will agree with you!

Apply these suggestions and you will be well on your way to having a better take up rate for interviews ... which means you will be able to craft irresistible offers for your ideal clients. 

Which one of these suggestions is most helpful to you? 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marking Mentor


P.S. If you are not having the response you hoped for in your marketing then you may need to refine who your audience is. In this Audio Guide I walk you through how to identify who you are best positioned to help right now based on your unique blend of gifts and experience.