Marketing For Human Design Generators

Marketing For Human Design Generators & Manifesting Generators

I couldn't help but feel disappointed that I was not a Human Design 'Manifestor' 

You may have had the same experience. With all this focus on 'manifestation' in this day and age who doesn't want to be included amongst those who are manifesting what they want? 

But as a Generator you do still manifest things!

You are a powerful creator. In fact Generators create and shape the world. It's just that you create by 'responding' as opposed to initiating. 

When you learn to apply your strategy of responding in your marketing you will find (as I have) that the would will come to you.

You won't need to hustle, strive and push your offers out into the marketplace like you once did. Your business life will become calmer and more satisfying.  

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This above video is a preview of my Marketing for Generators Tutorial where I provide guidance with how to create business offerings and market yourself through the Human strategy of 'responding'.

I hope these simple ideas assist you in your journey of learning to respond :-)

Dani Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Message & Marketing Mentor