You Can't Just Believe Your Way To New Results

Okay I need to share something important, and this may ruffle a few feathers ....

You really can't just 'believe' your way to new results in your life.

Belief, trust and seeking Divine guidance are definitely required, but these things need to be married up with taking 'action' and making 'choices'.  

A boat's sails can adjusted only once it has pulled away from the shore and entered open waters. A car can be steered once it is in motion. And we can be guided once we start taking steps towards our desires. 

Belief and trust belong to the mental and emotional part of our life. In this realm things happen instantaneously. Through your imagination you can envision what you desire and you will experience a taste of what that will ‘feel’ like straight away ... in the cells of your body.

But that does not mean the thing you desire will magically appear in front of you.

That is because the physical realm is denser and actually requires you to take physical action to bring what you desire into your physical experience.

The key is to take ‘new’ and ‘different’ actions so you can create distinctly new results.

If you take similar actions to what you normally do, you will create the similar results.

If you do things a little bit differently, you will create results that are a little bit different.

And if you take distinctly different physical actions (typically uncomfortable ones) in your business, career or life … you create distinctly different results.

Are you getting this?

So what actions are you taking that are new or different for you? {Hint, they would be the uncomfortable actions, the ones you feel uneasy about taking}

If there are currently no actions you can think that are making you feel out side of your comfort zone ... then what actions 'could' you take? 

Because outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.



Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor