The Paradox Of Doing Business Slow

The Slow Business Circle

Slow business sounds paradoxical, but in truth it's a pathway to achieving your goals much sooner and with far less effort. 

For the first three years of business, I soaked up and 'complied' with all the marketing guidance I'd been given by my mentors and leaders in the online business world. 

I busted my guts to grow my list, create videos, sew together sales funnels and be ever present and visible in my online communities. 

Seeing other women achieve huge income goals while I was only getting a few clients here and there just made me panic, feel jealous and then work even harder to get results. 

Being in business for myself was more exhausting than my former stressful corporate job!

What began to turn things around was when I stopped focussing on income goals and instead focussed on building my community. 

This shift naturally led me to be more generous with sharing my knowledge ... and this helped me refine my message and the goals I could help others achieve. 

And through this generosity, I started to become more known for my approach and way of thinking. I started to write more blogs and it felt good to share these rather than pushing out offers all the time. 

I slowed everything down and started aiming lower and slower. 

The paradox of choosing to go more slow and enjoy the journey is that I began drawing in more clients and income without even trying. 

It became obvious that just like slow living, eating, walking and love making are good for the soul, so too is slow business.

Sometimes this approach feels like it lacks ambition, but really that's just a judgement that arises from seeing other women share their big global goals. 

The truth is I am so much happier not hurrying and striving to grow my business.

And that takes me back the paradox ... now I'm making a larger impact and there is no shortage of ideal clients who want to work with me. 

Adopting a 'slow business' approach does not mean you won't achieve great things. Rather, it's like pleasantly sailing along a river and being open to ending up in places you could never have imagined.

Big love, 

Dani Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor