Prayer To Self


It started with a couple of personal mantras that I created as a result of some healing and mentoring sessions I had received. Each time I gained a new insight about some 'reprogramming' I needed to introduce into my awarenessI added to these mantra's and they started to support me in making different choices for my life and career. Choices that were in alignment with who I really am.

Each morning I would read these mantra's out loud. It started to feel more like a prayer, but not a prayer to God or some other invisible 'being' ... this was a prayer and a decree to myself. 

As I started working with clients on their emotional, spiritual and career journeys I could see how these women needed the same kind of reprogramming mantra's as I had been using. I stated sharing this prayer with them and that is how the Prayer To Self began. 

For the past two years I've only ever shared this with private clients and they often ask me if they can share it with their friends and communities. I said "Yes of course, why not!". So now I'm making it fully accessible here on my website as well. 

And no here is the Prayer To Self .....

Prayer To Self

I desire to love all, to understand all, to respect all. 
I am obligated to nobody, and nobody is obligated to me.

I make decisions from a place of feeling good in my body. Where I notice a choice bringing heaviness, I recognise I am choosing from a place of obligation, fear or lack. I stop, I breath and then I courageously choose what is true for me, even if that feels uncomfortable.

I know that the energy of the words I think and speak go forward in time and shape my reality. Therefore I speak only that which I desire to experience right now and continuously.

I communicate what is important to me with love and confidence, accepting that how others respond is their choice. I realise that inner stability comes from within me and the approval of myself.

I allow others to express themselves and be whoever they need to be in each moment without trying to change them. 

I remember that when I am triggered or irritated by others that this is feedback from my inner world, because life is a mirror.

Trusting my own wisdom, making choices that feel good to me, attending to the needs of my body, saying ‘no’ when I need to, and alone time are my daily acts of self love.

I am free of the need to struggle, strive or hurry to manifest what I desire. I only need to create spaciousness in my inner world so I can access my own wisdom and guidance system. 
Everything I want to be, do or have emanates from this.

I empower others by helping them to help themselves. I mentor family, friends and colleagues to access their own analytical skills and resources, instead of doing things ‘for’ them.

Every challenge has a solution and I always seek to find it rather than believe that things are happening ‘to’ me.  I know that to create different circumstances in my reality it's necessary to take 'new' and 'different' physical actions, often uncomfortable ones.

All things are possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

* * * 

My recommendation is that you create some alone time every day to read and/or listen to this prayer. You can access the MP3 and PDF version of the Prayer To Self for your mobile devices here. And on my Facebook Page I'll be posting questions for you to journal about so you can receive the most benefit from the prayer. 

If you have any questions about this please ask below or connect with me in a private message.