Forget About Your Niche, Find Your Dharma

Business Dharma

Does the idea of having a 'niche' for your business make you feel closed in and restricted? 

Then scratch that idea and think in terms of expressing your Dharma. 

The word dharma comes from ancient Sanskrit and literally means 'pillar', that which upholds. Deepak Chopra says "Like many Sanskrit words, dharma has many layers of meaning, and so it also commonly refers to our purpose in life and the unique talent we were born to express."

Your dharma represents your contribution to the invisible human network on planet Earth. Dharma is also about the law of demand and supply. Whatever your unique set of talents, innate knowledge and personality are, there is a demand for that within the human network. 

The spiritual Law of Dharma states that for every special talent, the world has a unique need that can only be filled by the expression of that talent. We make fullest use of the Law of Dharma by committing to serve others through our unique creative expression, in whatever form that takes. - Deepak Chopra

When we only consider what we desire to put 'out there' in the marketplace (i.e. the human network), without observing how what we offer addresses a need, then we become silo-preneurs (seperate-preneurs) and there is little supply (i.e. clients) that can be directed our way via the network. 

There are two main parts to figuring out what you are designed to offer in the marketplace:

  1. The first part is all about you. The knowledge you were born with, the expertise you've gathered along the way, and your personality. 
  2. The second part of the equation is about observing and intel gathering about what people in your communities need help with to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. 

Start with asking yourself "How can I help people solve a challenge or achieve a goal today". The answer to this question is the inspiration for your content and service offerings. 

Be curious and playful about the process. Explore and experiment. We become clear by doing and experiencing rather than just 'thinking'. 

Marketing is a transformational tool because in the process of getting it right, we must think in terms of our Dharma - demand and supply.  


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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