Where To Start With Your Career Reinvention


Recently I interviewed 20 women on LinkedIn. I spoke to Nurses, Project Managers, Business Analysis, Marketing Managers and Account Managers, just to name a few.

Each one of these women would like to be doing something 'other than' their current careers. They were aged roughly from 43 to 55 years old and sensed they have a path yet to take, and a purpose yet to fulfil.

One of the most common reasons why these women were staying put and feeling stuck is because they were having trouble navigating their strengths and defining them in a way that can be used in a new direction 

That's why I am sharing my signature strategy that will help you uncover what you have to offer and who are the people you are here to serve. I call this defining the 'Personality of Your Purpose'.

This is a video that I prepared for my email subscribers that demonstrates very will the steps you can use to define your purpose and then know who it is you are here to serve. 


If you are reading this blog post then I am sure you desire the same clarity about who you are here to serve too. Start by applying what you can from what I have shared in this video. If need help with implementing this formula then you can enrol in the Personality of Your Purpose eCourse.


Danielle Gardner
Career Mentor to Women