Your Soul's Calling? It's Written In Your Record

As a spiritual being you have your own unique soul signature that absolutely shapes who you are, how you view the world, and the knowledge you bring into this life. 

In the podcast interview below I share with Kassandra Vaughn about how I've used the soul records to help women transform their careers, businesses and relationships. 

When you were a young girl you would have been very connected with your soul essence ... but over time (for various reasons) you have either forgotten what these gifts and talents are, or you have disowned them.

It's time to awaken these parts of yourself and rediscover the knowledge and talents you are innately abundant in. Applying these talents to your career is your pathway to your purpose and helps inform you about where you are best positioned to be in the marketplace. 

My favourite tool for helping women connect with these innate gifts and expertise is via the soul records (aka 'akashic records'). The soul records are a spiritual library of sorts that holds a description of our soul nature and records each of our individual journeys through lifetimes. 

To understand how this information can help you in real life let me share with you Catherine's story ....

Catherine's Story

Catherine was a medical professional who came to me seeking to connect with her purpose so she could carve out a more meaningful career. When I accessed Catherine's soul record I could see that she was barely working with any of her innate gifts and expertise. 

No wonder she was dissatisfied and uninspired with her life!

I could see she had a special gift with language and using words as a transformational and healing tool for others. And that the key to Catherine's success was for her to share her unique opinion in the public domain. She needed to publish her words.

This information helped Catherine reconnect with her childhood love of writing. It brought tears to her eyes as she realised that this was such a big piece missing from her life.

Catherine started writing again and although she felt really nervous about publishing her articles, she did it anyway. She chose Medium and LinkedIn as her publishing platforms.

This act of publishing started to open up new circumstances and opportunities in her career. She started taking better care of herself. She started feeling more confident. And she started getting job interviews after a long period of hearing crickets.

The moral of the story here is that you too have special knowledge and talents that you bought into this life that you may not even be accessing yet. How different might your career and life be if you were absolutely working with your soul gifts?

What I have learnt from my own soul record has helped me reinvent my career, enhance my marriage and helped me make more aligned choices in life. 

Love to hear your thoughts and questions about this subject.

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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