Creating Space To Reinvent Your Career

You're heading off on a journey. Your suitcase is packed full of all those things you can't bear to go without. Then suddenly you realise you forgot to pack that new pair of shoes and your hairdryer!

Bugger!  There is no way you are going to fit those two things in. The clips on your suitcase are about to give way as it is! You're going to have to reassess, reconfigure and take out what you don't really need.

This is powerful metaphor to describe the modern women's life.

She's trying to cram more and more stuff into an already tightly packed suitcase. She either doesn't have time, or she can't bring herself to let go of the things she doesn't need ... so that she can travel light, and enjoy the journey.

If your life is cram-packed like an overstuffed suitcase, and you are trying reinvent your career and life .... you absolutely need to create the time and space for that to happen.

Here are 3 rarely spoken of ways to create the space to reinvent yourself and your career.

1. Adopt Conscious Language

Conscious Language is about thinking and speaking only what you desire to manifest right now. If you are continuously saying to yourself and others "I just don't have time", then that is what you will continue to experience in life. If you keep saying "It's difficult", "I don't understand" or "People don't listen to me", then this is what you are creating more of. These statements can be upgraded by saying such things as "I can, and I will, because I have more than enough time". Or "It's easy to know xyz" and "People listen to and understand me". This is a simple reprogramming of your mental matter. When you persistently change your language (and therefore attend to your inner world) you can see big shifts starting to take place in your outer world, and in as little as a few weeks!

2. Commit to 'Alone Time' every day

When you think about creating 'alone-time' everyday, do you hear yourself say "I would love to, but I don't have time"? If so re-read the paragraph above. Setting aside at least 30-minutes of alone time everyday to sit quietly, focus on your breath, have heartfelt conversations with yourself/God/The Universe, as well as journalling, will bring you home to your centre and inner wisdom. This practice will open you up to your intuition, to receiving Divine inspiration, and to establishing inner stability. Day by day you will start to trust yourself more. You won't be so reliant on the opinions of others about what you should be doing with your life. You will feel more nourished and cared for by taking this time for yourself. 

3. Do An 'Obligation Audit'

Crammed into this metaphorical suitcase of your mind is a plethora of belief systems that shape your choices in life and the things you say "yes" to. A very effective way to identify what these unhelpful belief systems are, is to do an 'obligation audit'. Make a list of everything that you commit your time to that feels heavy and like a chore for you. List everything that is anything less than uplifting and energising. For example, when I first did my obligation audit one of my 'commitments' was going to a weekly dance class that I didn't like. So why did I keep going? Because I had become good friends with the dance teacher and I didn't want to let her down. Yet somehow it was okay to let myself down by dragging myself to the class every week!

.... When I finally made a more aligned choice for myself and had the uncomfortable conversation with my dance instructor friend,  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. And this was just 'one' of the things on my list! It is all these little incidental choices we are making on a daily basis that shape our lives and the mental, emotional and physical state we find ourselves in. 


I can guarantee that if you implement these strategies you will begin feeling very different about yourself.  Your life will begin to unfold in new and nourishing ways. Taking action is the most important thing and typically those new actions are uncomfortable. But ... feel that discomfort and do it anyway! It's a matter of short-term pain for the long term gain :-)


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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