The No Signup Freebie, It's A {Good} Thing!


There is a layer of marketing and connection that many people are missing, it's the ‘no email required’ freebie. 

Let's put this assumption to the test ... how many pieces of free content do you have that helps your audience solve a problem and that does not require them to join your list?

Like most of us you were probably taught that step 'numero uno' in online marketing was to create your email opt-in (aka lead magnet), true? 

Have a think about your own experiences with signing up for free stuff. 

How many people's lists are you now on? How many of those emails do you ever open ... and did you even read or participate in the free thing you originally signed up for? 

Now, I'm not suggesting that you don't have an email opt-in to build your list.

What I am saying is that it’s way better to have 5 pieces of helpful free (no opt-in required) content that helps your audience with something and allows them to get a taste of you, your style and approach. 

This way when people do sign up for your opt-in they are signing up for ‘you’ not just your goodies (and then unsubscribing or never opening up your emails). 

Publishing free ungated (no email required) content has been THE most effective way for attracting and enrolling my ideal clients onto my business coaching package. 

And what I'm noticing is that the kind of client I love working with, they have no interest in signing up for free courses, challenges and the like. They value one-on-one attention and they are willing to invest in that.

Of course potential clients need some exposure to me before they choose me as their coach, and that's where my writing comes in. They decide they want to work with me based on my clear and concise blogs, audios and videos. 

My recommendation:

  • Create at least 5 pieces of content that are on your website and that help your ideal client solve a problem without you. That might sound crazy but that's how Generosity Marketing rolls! 

And here is some food for thought....

Maybe people don’t even need to be on your list to work with you! 

What are your thoughts? Chime in below! 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

P.S. Be sure to place the Facebook Pixel onto your website so you can run Ads campaigns of your other free content to the people who have visited your site. This way you are marketing to people that you already know are interested in you.