The Problem With Offering Introductory Sessions

Introductory sessions are an excellent way for potential clients to get to know you and vice versa. However ...

You might be making the mistake of 'fire hosing' your client during introductory sessions. As a result they walk away completely full of ideas and with a bunch of actions to implement before they could even consider connecting with you again! 

This approach to introductory sessions has very few clients converting to session packages which is where the sustainable change and results are achieved. 

So what's the alternative? 

  1. View your introductory session in the same light as someone going to a medical specialist. Does a specialist attempt to fix someone up in one session in an effort to provide loads of value to that person? No, instead they run some blood tests or scans to diagnose the problem. Then, and only then do they give their guidance and advice as to the potential solutions available to solve the persons challenge.
  2. Have a basic framework for your introductory sessions that adds value to the person and educates them on the areas they need to address. After not having the best results myself with intro sessions converting a lightbulb went off inside me ... I'd been doing it all wrong! So I tried and tested a new framework based on the ideas above and now I have more clients transition into my one-on-one mentoring programs and training courses. 

How could you restructure your introductory sessions based around this idea of you being a 'specialist'? It's a promising prospect isn't it? 

Helena Ryan
The framework for Introductory Sessions that I learnt in Marketing School really works! It’s made a really big difference to the number of people who sign up for my ancestral clearing package.
— Helena Ryan, Ancestral Clearer

I'd love to hear what you find most helpful about what I am proposing here!

And if you would love to use my 3-part framework for paid introductory sessions in your business then you can learn all the juicy details of that in Marketing School πŸ™ŒπŸΌ.

Big love, Dani x


Danielle Gardner
Marketing Mentor to Lightworkers

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