Think You Should You Have Achieved More By Now?

During my years as an employee, success came easily for me. When I became my own boss all of that changed. 

I was forever feeling like I should be further ahead than what I was, and that didn't help me feel successful at all.

Have you been there?

This is called ‘oww thinking’ or 'ouch! thinking'.

'Oww thinking' is when we focus on how far away we are from our goal and where we think we ‘should’ be by now.

This type of focus generates feelings of disappointment and frustration which leads us to feel like we want to throw in the towel because it's all too hard.

But with a shift in focus you can definitely turn this around by adopting ‘wow thinking’.

'Wow thinking' is when you look back at your starting point and acknowledge how far you've come.  

This was the shift I needed to make! 

I stopped looking at where I 'was not' and wrote down all the progress I'd made since leaving my job. Even seeing how far I'd come in the past three months was quite amazing. 

Having this 'wow' mindset made me feel so different. I really started to appreciate and acknowledge my progress and achievements both big and small.  

Now working towards my goals feels exciting rather than a lot of hard work, and I schedule time each day, week and month to review my progress.

This is a simple strategy that I know will make you feel more successful too. 

I learnt about the 'oww' and 'wow' brain from a guy called Todd Herman. Because it's such a great tool I've introduced this into the Lightworkers Business Circle. Every Friday we pause to acknowledge and celebrate our progress ... join us here.


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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