Who Are You Here To Serve In The Marketplace?

When you are dissatisfied with your career and you know there is something else for you out there, the standard advice tends to be "Find your passion!". 

I've always felt this approach to be a little bit off the mark. 

Firstly because I've noticed the word 'passion' can feel so out of reach for people. I've heard people say "But I don't really have any passions", and this just makes them feel more miserable. 

My advice to to first seek out your 'purpose'. When you connect more with your life purpose (which integrates your skills, gifts and knowledge) and match that to a need in the marketplace, that's when passion arises. 

It took me a few years to work this out for myself and I hope to save you some time and tears by sharing how I uncovered the people I am here to serve ....

  1. First I discovered that our purpose needs to begin with service to ‘self'. I learnt that my desires for this lifetime needed attention and exploration and found that these desires gave clues to my purpose.
  2. I figured that the people I am best positioned to serve must have some connection to my life’s journey, my heartbreaks, challenges and triumphs.
  3. I went on to discover that the gifts and talents that I came into this world with revealed ‘how’ I am designed to help others.
  4. I also realised I needed to integrate (instead of dis-own) my existing skills and knowledge acquired from the corporate world. This allowed me to position myself as an expert in a new direction, rather than a beginner (and this will be the same for you too!)

These discoveries resulted in 5 key pieces that when integrated, allowed me to define both my purpose and the people I am here to serve (my target market).

In this video I review these 5 components and give you a real life example of the type of clarity you can receive.


Have some questions about this process? Please ask away!


Danielle Gardner 
Career Mentor to Lightworkers