When A Woman Outgrows Her Career

As a business manager in the Employment Services industry I was part of an organisation that was making a real difference in the world.

I was highly valued by my boss and enjoyed full autonomy to operationalise my ideas so that organisations objectives could be met. I was given frequent opportunities to expand my leadership capabilities, and I was on a good income with a company car and other perks.

Sounds like a dream job right? Yet I felt so unfulfilled.

I knew in my heart and soul that there was something else I needed to be doing with my life. I remember looking out my office window one day, noticing the ocean in the distance and saying to myself “I am just not meant to be here”.

For all the positives of my job, the truth is that I was stressed 90% of the time. I only enjoyed my job the equivalent of a few weeks per year. I knew that managing performance, compliance and office politics was not my purpose in life, or what I was had come to this planet to do! 

There was a time I had enjoyed my work but those days had long gone. I had outgrown my profession. And I had lost any enthusiasm for the industry upon which my career was based.

The most frustrating thing was I didn’t know what to do about it so suffered through my job way longer than what was good for my health.  I was stressed, anxious and always striving to complete my never ending to-do lists. It was impossible for me to really relax.

In hindsight I know I had ideas and dreams of what was possible for me. But I was too stuck in the trappings of a well paying job to really 'own' those desires.

I had sold my soul to big enterprise in exchange for so called 'comfort' and 'security', but it was none of those things. I had bought into the fear based belief that having a safe secure job is the best solution in life and that following my heart was irresponsible.

I had bought into the fear based belief that having a safe secure job is the best solution in life and that following my heart was irresponsible.

The frustration and pain of knowing I was meant for so much more was unsettling and I was at a loss as to how to make that happen. I had explored all the conventional career guidance approaches and done vocational assessments at length. But I just couldn't gain the clarity I needed. 

Every woman's path is unique but the one thing that I have noticed we share is this ... in order to create change, new circumstances or opportunities we need to take distinctly different 'actions' to what we are taking right now. 

Those new actions will be uncomfortable, and if they are not uncomfortable then they are not going to lead to anything different.

These actions include things like making better choices for yourself (even when others don't fully approve of that choice). Having that uncomfortable conversation with your loved one that you've been putting off for years or months. Saying 'no' to things that don't feel really great to you.

What are your thoughts? 

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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