Writing Offers That Don't Sound Salesy

It's just as inauthentic to ask your reader a series of interrogative questions about their pain points ... as it is to ignore them all together. 

There are two polar approaches when it comes to marketing; 

  1. The people who begin their content piece with several questions to their ideal clients pain points such as .... "Are you feeling lost? Are you confused about your direction? Are you feeling like you have nothing to offer? Do you feel jealous when others have success and you don't?" ... those type of excessive interrogative questions. 
  2. Then there is the people who say "I don't want to talk about their pain". 

Neither of these options provides a fertile environment to activate your ideal client's motivation to work with you. 

When you are writing content it helps to imagine you are talking to a friend. Would you blast them with several questions in a row without leaving room for their response? No you would not! 

Would you ever sit with a friend who was having trouble with something and not acknowledge what they are experiencing in some way? Of course not.

You are a heart centred woman in business, you know how important it is for others to feel seen and heard. You would not get into the 'drama' of their challenge ... but you would still acknowledge it, right?

Then take the same approach with your content, because every piece of content you put out there in the world is 'marketing'. 

  1. Write and speak to your audience the way you would speak to a real human who was sitting in next to you. How would that conversation go? Let the words flow and don't get caught up on what you think you 'should' say from a sales or marketing perspective. 
  2. Be generous. Share what you can to help them right now even if they are not a paying client. If they can take that info and realise their goal then power to them! But the majority will likely come back to you as a result of your generosity and helpfulness and they will want you to mentor and guide them through the steps. 

And if you'd like to see some examples of how I speak like a human in my business then then checkout my Facebook Page or search for my posts in Tash Corbin's Heart Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneurs group.  

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear your opinion so please share it below. 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

P.S. Your first point of call when creating content is to know who you are talking to, who is your ideal client? To uncover the answer to that question I believe you need to integrate; 1) your personal story, 2) your values and personality, and 3) the results you have achieved yourself. Allow me to guide you through this process in the Ideal Client Identifier.