Uncovering The Purpose Behind Your Darkest Hours

Everything in your personal journey in life has a hidden purpose.

Every curiosity since childhood, every tear you have cried, every challenge you have overcome, every loss you have felt, every difficult choice you have had to make, and every goal you have achieved. All of this has resulted in expertise that benefits both you and others.

That is why your own personal story is so powerful for uncovering 'who' and 'where' you are designed be of service in the marketplace.

Let me give you an example of what I mean ...

A few years ago when I was working in my corporate job I became acutely aware that I had totally lost my spark for life. There didn't seem to be much to get excited about. 

Having a very inquisitive mind and a keen interest in spiritual psychology uncovered the root cause of my feelings of mundaneness. In a nutshell I was not pursuing my purpose and personal goals in life. 

I was making loads of choices out of obligation, out of feeling that I ‘ought to’ in order to be a good wife, step mum, daughter or friend. I was saying yes to loads of things that I really wanted to say 'no' to because I didn’t want to let anyone down.

And yet I was letting myself down by making incongruent choices for myself. 

Awareness of how I had shaped my life through these type of choices was the catalyst for me taking new actions. And those actions were really uncomfortable because it meant I needed to say no to some things and I was concerned what others would think about that. 

But I did it anyway because I finally understood that it was time to connect with my purpose and create the lifestyle that I really desired in my heart. 

So what did this story have to do with my purpose? 

Fast forward to today and my career and lifestyle is very very different. And if I were to describe to you the type of woman that I now mentor, she would sound very much like this version of myself from a few years ago. 

Can you see how my personal story, my personal journey ... my personal experience reveals 'who' I am now best positioned to serve? 

This is just 'one' of the stories in my personal journey, there are other stories too that reveal and describe the women I am destined to serve and the same will be with you. 

Whatever challenges you have journeyed through in life there are thousands of other women who are taking that same journey right now, and they could sure do with someone like right now! 

So if you are wondering where you belong in the marketplace then I encourage you to do a stocktake of your life. Make a list of the different experiences that have shaped who you are today. I'm talking the good, the bad, and the ugly! See what 'characters' emerge from your stories because these will be signposts to your purpose. 

Danielle Gardner
Career Mentor to Women

P.S. Exploring your personal story is one of the 5 pieces of 'intel' about yourself that will uncover the Personality Of Your Purpose.