Ideal Client Description - Done For You! 

Hello sister in business, are you feeling lost about what your business offer could be?  Or with finding the right words and messaging that would inspire people to work with you? 

Then this is where my 4-part Ideal Client Description comes in, because this description is built around you, your gifts, your story and what goals you can help others achieve.

I'll help you uncover what you can offer right now, using your existing talents ... without any further self improvement, healing, clearing or training!

The foundation of any successful business is a solid Ideal Client Description. I see so many Lightworkers struggle with this piece so I am offering to do it for you! 

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 50-minute 1:1 session with me where I will interview you and draw out the necessary information for your 4-part Ideal Client Description.
  • Your written Ideal Client Description emailed to you within 48-hours of our session, PLUS my personal recommendations on where to focus your marketing attention and how to start building your own following and community.  

Special note:

If you are struggling to pint point what 'embodied results' you actually have that you could help others with then I'm reaching out my hand so we can do this together. I'll help you see yourself more clearly ... I'll help you see things about yourself that you can not see at the moment. 

Introductory Offer:
$250.00 AUD

Important Notes:

  • Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive an email which has a link to 'questionnaire' please click on this link and answer a few quick questions so I can know a little more about you before we meet.
  • This consultation will take place via video conference so you need to have a camera on your computer to book this session.

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor