The Inner Circle Mastermind


For Spiritually Orientated Women in Business

Like me you probably don't need anymore online courses to build a sustainable business that makes a difference in the world.  

What you need is more loving accountability and support to implement what you already know. 

The best way to receive this support is through one-on-one coaching, the second best way to receive the support you need to thrive is by being a valued member of a small group mastermind. 

Objectives of The Inner Circle:

  • To replicate 1:1 coaching as closely as possible.
  • To dovetail and expand on the Lightworkers Business Circle.
  • Increase Simplicity: by giving mindful focus to one project at a time and seeing it through to completion.

  • Contribute to shifting the consciousness of the planet by adopting trust based business strategies such as generosity marketing (which is where you help your audience even before they become a paying client).

  • Accountability: by decreeing your desires and goals to the group we will hold you lovingly accountable to your word. 

  • Unity: operating as a solopreneur is not sustainable. Together we will uncover ways that the group can work as a collective instead of silos. 

What You Receive:

  • 2 x Live Coaching & Accountability calls per month starting 23rd January 2018
  • Personalised attention within an intimate group of 6 women . Members are pre-screened to ensure a stable fit to the other members.
  • Sessions structured so that each member shares their update and support needs during every call. 
  • Email coaching by me (Danielle Gardner) for one piece of content per month (up to 500 words or 4-minutes listening time).
  • Facebook Group for collaboration.

Commitment Required:

  • The Inner Circle requires the same kind of commitment as you would expect to make with one-on-one coaching which is to attend all sessions. There will be no recording available if you do not attend a session. 
  • This group is best suited to the woman who is already in business and has regular clients.

Who are the other members? 

If you know me from Facebook communities then you will probably  know some of the high vibe women who are already signed up for The Inner Circle. They include a yoga studio owner, debriefing mentor for health care workers, business mentor for mums, relationship coach, creativity coach and a lawyer to heart centred entrepreneurs.

Your Investment:

AUD $320 per month for 5-months


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor