The Inner Circle ⎮VIP Mastermind

A collaborative group of 6 spirited women committed to having a greater impact in 2018 with their soul work.  

The women called into this sacred space are very special souls who are here to contribute to shifting the consciousness of the planet at this time. 

Women who are tired of the same old same marketing and discounting strategies ... that don't lead to the enrolment of their soul mate clients. 

Women looking for a different, fresh or unconventional approach to presenting their message to the marketplace. 

Does that sound like you? 

The Inner Circle will support you to:

  • Receive loving accountability and guidance to stay focused on projects through to completion.
  • Rehash your marketing so it feels more connected and facilitates you being able to grow an audience of potential clients. 

  • Create digestible and relevant content that your audience will consume and appreciate, content that ends up generating paying clients.

  • Receive help with naming your offers, programs and blog posts, and knowing what words and language your ideal clients will respond to.
  • Explore trust based business strategies to enrol clients into your service offerings.
  • Operate your business in a more collaborative, creative an co-operative way.

(in Numerology 2018 is a universal 11/2 year and emphasises partnerships, collaborations and alliances, how interesting is that?)

Do you value these things ...


Danielle Gardner, Marketing Mentor

If the above values matter to you...

then we already have loads in common and we'd probably make a great team! 

Welcome to
The Inner Circle. 

This is a sacred space where 6 women come together every two weeks to receive support, guidance and loving accountability to move their businesses forward. 

In this group you will be seen, heard and be given practical business and marketing coaching. You won't slip through the net and not receive the help you need ... which can happen in larger groups.  

Here's what you receive as a member of The Inner Circle:

  • 2 x 45-minute 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with me to refine your message, offerings and marketing strategy, valued at $380 AUD.

  • Weekly coaching and feedback on your content, offers, headlines, pricing and marketing strategie via our private Facebook Group.

  • Fortnightly mastermind calls with a small group of 6 women via Zoom for accountability, collaboration and mentoring.

  • I'll give you marketing strategies to implement into your business.

  • A team of partners (your fellow members) who will support you in sharing your message online. 

Commitment Required:

  • The Inner Circle requires the same kind of commitment as you would expect to make with one-on-one coaching.
  • You need to be willing to attend the calls 'live' (sessions are not recorded)
  • This mastermind group runs for 6 months. 

Who are the other members? 

  • I pre-screen all applicants to make sure each one is a great fit for the group. I love working with confident, independent women who are on a mission to take their message and work to a wider audience so these are the kind of women I'm calling in to this sacred space. 


6 x $320 AUD monthly payments, or

$1720 AUD paid in full 

Apply Here:

Applications are now open for the next VIP Mastermind group starting:

Wednesday 25th July 2018

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