Lightworkers Business Circle


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The Lightworkers Business Circle is a private Facebook community for women who resonate with me, my message, and who seek support with their business and marketing strategy.

Here is my description of what it means to be a Lightworker ... see if this resonates with you! 

Important prerequisites to joining:

  1. One of the values of this group is being 'visible' ... we want to see the face of the woman we are sharing and connecting with. That's why you need a profile photo of your face to join and stay in this community.
  2. When you raise your hand join this Community you are also raising your hand to be mentored by me ... even if you are not currently engaged in any of my paid offerings.
  3. In this space I will provide resources, training announcements and tips that will help you improve your business systems and marketing. 
  4. There are no market days here to promote your business. Contributing to other members comments and being your authentic self is what draw women to you. 

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The Lightworkers Business Circle is free ... you just need to request to join via the button below.  

With gratitude,

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor