Lightworkers Business Circle


 A intimate community hosted by Danielle Gardner for women in business who value:

Slowing down
Consciousness & spirituality

Authentic sharing
Trust based business strategies
Professional self care
Simplicity & Sustainability
Loving accountability

Do these things matter to you as well? Then you already have a lot in common with the women in this business circle. Membership is free.

This group is different to most others!

Firstly you need to have a Facebook profile photo of your face to join. Showing your face builds connection and trust, not just in this community but everywhere else too!

We have 'one' community conversation thread per day (where you contribute via the comments of the main post). This format brings a beautiful simplicity to the group news feed while also gathering everyone together in one conversation.

Here are some of the themes of our weekly conversations...

A Lightworker is someone who feels compelled to help, heal or empower others with awakening to their full potential and soul expression. Lightworkers do not exclusively belong to the healing and intuitive arts, they can be found in all industries and work roles.

Join the Community!...

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It's free!