Simple Systems To Master Your Message & Generate Consistent Clients

Without having to live online, Ole! 


Dear Lightworker...

Are you exhausted from trying to market yourself with little results? 

Maybe you are spending lots of time working several FB Groups and that's taking over your life. FB Groups definitely have a place in your networking and marketing strategy BUT … 

To rely on them exclusively only leads to 'pushing' and your nervous system being on high alert as you continuously respond to notifications ... which means you can't mentally log-off. 

There needs to be a better way that doesn’t feel so forced and like so much freaking hard work!

I don’t even know where to start with the benefits and value of this course! I finally feel like I know how and where to focus my marketing efforts and time, instead of “pulling content out of my self’ and throwing it out into cyberspace to be ignored.
— Janneia Searle - Kinesiologist

Marketing School Tutorials

  1. Vision, Messaging & Your Brand Personality: We'll explore your ideal service delivery and income model, the psychology of marketing, what words will capture your clients attention, building trust through storytelling, and how to communicate your brand personality so you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. 
  2. Your Organic Selling System: I'll show you how to lead potential clients on a journey where they get to know you, like you and develop trust that you can help them solve their challenges and achieve their goals. When these steps are all woven together the sales process happens much more organically because it becomes clear that you can help them. 
  3. Generating Clients Outside Facebook Groups: I'll teach you about the magic of the Facebook Pixel and how you can leverage your pixel by using FB 'lookalike audiences' which gives you access to thousands of ideal clients (outside your current FB Group communities .... wouldn't that be nice!) That way you can log-off more and be present with yourself and your family. 
  4. Keys to Social Selling: Social media holds a great opportunity for generating clients if done in a 'social' way. I'll take you through my framework for planning social media marketing, matching audience temperatures to offers and how not to make your content look like an Ad. 
“The framework for Introductory Sessions that I learnt in Marketing School really works! It’s made a really big difference to the number of people who sign up for my ancestral clearing package.”
— Helena Ryan, Ancestral Clearer

I don’t have a magic pill for you but I do have a fresh perspective that will help you to start turning around your marketing results in 4-weeks. 

Program Format:

  • 4 x Video Classes on the above mentioned topics.
  • 4 x PDF Class Notes of each lesson which includes your simple implementation plan.

Dates & Times

Start today! 

Marketing School is now available 'on demand'. You can enrol now and gain instant access to this training. 

I highly recommend this course ladies!! The classes are super-packed with so much information, it’ll send you reeling. Plus, with Danielle’s personal experience. you really get to see how the marketing techniques can be implemented. I know marketing can seem scary for us sometimes, but she really breaks it down in such a way that it doesn’t seem intimidating through simple, actionable steps.
— Katrina Brady - Astrologer

Marketing School is different! 

This is a training program where you just need to show up and receive guidance and mentoring. 

There is nothing to pre-read, pre-watch, or pre-fillout … you just need to show up and learn.

Each week I’ll give you things to implement so you know exactly what to do.

You may have invested in trainings before where you had every intent in showing up for the live calls … 

But because you didn’t read, watch or listen to the module before hand ... you had no questions to ask so you didn’t show up.

Meanwhile those modules are gathering dust on your computer. 

That’s why Marketing School is so different. And it won’t take you months to complete!

How to know if Marketing School is worth your while ...

  1. People think your work is really 'interesting' but when it comes to booking with you they say they can't afford it or it's not a good time. 
  2. You are responding to Facebook Group notifications or PM’s at all times of the day and night which means you can’t log off, be present with your family and relax.  
  3. Client's typically book single sessions and you're not sure how to set things up so that clients buy session packages.
  4. You want to learn a simple and intelligent way to use Facebook Ads to reach new pools of ideal clients outside of your FB Group communities. 

About Danielle

Hola! I'm an Australian living in Spain. Words and the psychology & soul of marketing are my thing. That's why I love helping holistic healers, mentors and consultants create marketing messages and sales funnels that generate consistent clients.

At heart I'm a Francophile, foodie, philosopher, dream seeker, photographer, aspiring upper cruster, wanna-be folk guitar player, truth seeker, and lover of books.