Quiet Marketing Mastermind

An intimate group mentoring program for women desiring to market themselves and grow their business in a quieter, more relaxed and visionary way.

Next intake is October, 2018

As a member you'll receive individualised guidance from me about your marketing message, content creation, growing a genuine following, list building, crafting offers, pricing, expanding your reach, and promoting your content with Facebook Ads. 

Each month we will focus on one of the following topics:  

  1. Defining the pathway for your audience to become paying clients 
  2. Refining and organising your message
  3. Growing a genuine following, differentiating yourself in the marketplace and becoming your audiences most trusted advisor even before they join your list
  4. Making the most out of your Facebook Page
  5. Creating, naming, pricing & selling offers
  6. Client Agreements, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies
  7. Slow authentic list building 
  8. Website essentials 
  9. Meeting your audience through live online or in-person events
  10. Promoting your content through Facebook Ads
  11. Expanding your organic reach through collaborative projects
  12. Writing case studies that demonstrate past client transformations

Mastermind Call Format:

  • Opening ceremony and announcements 
  • Round table check-in from each member
  • Marketing tutorial and implementation activity
  • Open Q&A time where you can receive individualised guidance
  • Talking Stick presentation from a mastermind member.
  • Declaration of actions to complete prior to next Gathering  
  • Closing ceremony

Facebook Group Format:

  • Share your intentions with and most important actions to take at the beginning of each week.
  • Post any content or offers you’d like some Dani Magic with :-)
  • You are free to ask questions, share resources and debrief. 
  • At the end of the week let us know how you went with your intentions and celebrate any wins. 
  • On the weekends log off from your business and enjoy some R&R with your family.

Suitability checklist:

This mastermind group is suitable for women who:

  • Offer coaching, consulting, holistic therapies and  counselling type services. 
  • Resonate with the principles of quiet marketing and slow business.
  • Spiritually aware and place high value on alternative therapies, sustainability, simplicity, logging off and conscious living. 
  • Open to building a genuine audience by creating relevant ungated content. 
  • Tired of the same old same marketing and discounting strategies that feel inauthentic to you. 
  • Looking for a different, fresh or unconventional approach to presenting their message to the marketplace. 
  • Seeking mentoring, community, accountability and opportunities to collaborate. 

Here’s what you will receive:

  • A 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with me for each 3-months membership you purchase (valued at $230).
  • Free entry to the monthly Slow Business Community Calls
  • 4 x hours of face time per month during our fortnightly mastermind gatherings and Slow Business Community Calls (recordings of each session will be made available).
  • A recorded interview with me about your business that you’ll be able to use on your Facebook Page and website. Here are a couple of examples of what that might look like for you. 
  • Individualised guidance on how to refine your message, grow your audience, create your offerings and how to let your content gently act as your selling tool. 
  • Option to partner with another member for peer mentoring and accountability. 

Commitment Required:

  • This mastermind will run through to December 2018. Minimum 3-months membership required. 
  • Weekly presence in the private Facebook Group
  • Arriving to the Team Gatherings on time and being fully present when other members are sharing. 
  • Attending the meeting in closed room where you won’t be distracted by the activities of your family. 


Next intake October, 2018


$320 AUD per month

Pay $960 for 3-months upfront to have access to your 1:1 session immediately, or

Pay via monthly payment plan and have your 1:1 session in month 3.

* This mastermind gives you the opportunity to have a business coach for $75 per week

Client Feedback From Current Mastermind: