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Organise Your Message

VIP Online Workshop 

For 8 women only

Organise and 'ground' your message so you can create engaging content, paid workshops and compelling 1:1 session packages.

There are 2-Parts to this training:

Session 1 - Your journey & values informs your message

  • What specific change can you help others achieve? I'll provide individual coaching during the call to help each woman answer this question. This is the first step to having a more grounded practical offer that your idea clients can justify buying. 

  • What are your 'opinions' and are you communicating them? We’ll explore your values, beliefs and opinions and how these can be infused into your content. 

"People want to do business with people who believe what they believe”.- Alison Faulkner.

Session 2 - Identifying goals & challenges you can help others with

  • The biggest mistake women like us tend to make is that we keep talking about our modalities, esoteric processes and tools that we love to use. This generates curiosity but does not give our ideal clients enough reason to buy.

  • Instead I’ll help you lead your message with more grounded language that speaks directly to the goals or challenges your audience faces so they can see more clearly the benefit of your work and be able to justify purchasing in your services.

  • You'll receive my 4-Part Message Organiser to collate the above information. This will become the core document from which you'll create compelling content and offers.

Suitability checklist:

Are these things important to you?

  • Building a community of ideal clients who don’t just want to grab your freebies and run … they want you.

  • Crafting offers that your ideal clients can ‘justify’ buying.

  • Meaningful two way conversations on your Facebook Page.

  • Knowing what topic to create a paid workshop about.

  • Knowing how to infuse and express your values throughout your content.

  • Finding more authentic ways of marketing.

Issues this masterclass helps solve:

  • Feeling like your message is unclear or wishy washy.

  • Not knowing what to write content about.

  • Having people say they love your work but never end up booking.

  • Being overlooked by people you know you can help.

What you receive:

  • 3 hours of face time with me during the 2 x 90-min sessions.

  • Two weeks to pick my brain and collaborate with your sister participants inside a private ‘pop-up’ Facebook Group.

  • Your very own ‘4-Part Message Organiser’ document from where you will craft all your content and offers.

Dates, Times & Pricing:

Session 1
Monday 9th April 2019
Session 2
Monday 23rd, April 2018

11am - London
12pm - Spain
8pm - Sydney

View in your timezone here

$150 AUD

If the masterclass is full when you go to enrol you can register your interest in the next one here: