Slow Marketing

Slow Business Community Call

Balancing Ambition With Enoughness

Thursday 30th July, 2018

Join the Slow Business Movement

This Community Call provides respite from the hustle and bustle of the online world. We focus on taking slow and steady action towards our business and personal goals. We make haste slowly (aka "festina lente" in Latin). We know that calm consistent action is more nourishing and personally sustainable than pushing, striving and trying to accomplish too much too soon.


Agenda for this call

  • Discussion on how we can go about "Balancing Ambition With Enoughness" so we can be nourished by our business activities, rather than depleted by them. 
  • Dedicated 'quiet time' to reflect and choose your intention and most important actions for the coming month. 
  • Breakout room partnering to share your intentions and most important actions.
  • Option to participate in peer mentoring which is where you partner with another member and meet up with them during the month for debriefing, support and accountability.
  • Calls will be recoded for those unable to attend live. 

Pricing & Time

$25.00 AUD

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Joining this call is a purposeful and meaningful way to make new connections with kindred spirits, especially if you are a highly sensitive or quieter soul. It also presents and opportunity for you to identify potential business collaborations and enter the month with a clear and grounded plan. 

I look forward to meeting you! 

Dani Gardner