The Slow Business Circle


 A community dedicated to supporting my past, present and future clients.

The women in this community...

  1. Appreciate that there are no quick fixes to building a healthy business. Sure we’d all like to be an overnight success, trouble is there is no such thing.
  2. We make haste slowly (aka ‘festina lente’ in Latin). We know that steady and consistent action is more nourishing and personally sustainable than pushing, striving and trying to accomplish too much too soon.
  3. We don’t do spiritual bypassing ... which is the tendency people can have to rely solely on spiritual, energetic or mindset practices to solve their challenges ‘instead’ of taking the necessary (and typically 'uncomfortable’) physical action to achieve their goals. 
  4. Rather than chasing clients, we focus on building a genuine community by becoming our ideal clients most trusted advisor, even before they join our list or become a paying client (because this is how you attract clients without selling).
  5. Each week set simple achievable 'slow goals'. We also have a 'weekly review' ritual where we pause to reflect on what progress we’ve made (however big or small) and consider what is most important for the week ahead.
  6. We have created a safe space to share our ideas, perspectives and concerns. And when members interact they are respectful, thoughtful, curious and authentic.

Important to know...

  • There are no promo days in this group. Instead we have real authentic conversations which often lead to members working with each other. 
  • We have one community conversation at a time (where you contribute via the comments of the main post). This format brings a beautiful simplicity to the group news feed while also gathering everyone together in one conversation.
  • Finally to be eligible to join this group you need to have a Facebook profile photo of your face. Showing your face builds connection and trust, not just in this community but everywhere else too!

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