Client Case Studies & Stories 


Meet Viknes Vari from Singapore. Viknes is a Relationship Coach, her focus is helping women in committed relationships to be able to communicate their honest thoughts and feelings without fear of being rejected or judged.

Viknes was part of my marketing mastermind group and then she signed up for my VIP Business Mentoring program. Within two months of working together Viknes created a free audio opt-in, welcome email sequence, paid introductory session AND signed up her first VIP client on a 3-month program. 

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"Just finishing up 4-Week Marketing School for May. If you want a short, manageable, and yet supportive intro or refresher/expander of your marketing, you should do this! It covers one topic a week, from Social Selling, to Brand "Feel," Sales Systems and more!

The calls and smaller numbers make for a supportive little group. In the 4 weeks, I discovered my FB Pixel was NOT working on my site, that my brand look/feel and personal stories can be incorporated a lot more in my biz, and how to go about looking for new audiences."

- Jennifer Lang, Communication Coach

I suffer from extreme cleverness such that instead of selling my service, I'd alienated people. Dani is a wordsmith and language Alchemist and can take the mush out of your mind and make it sound so simple and accessible to appeal to your ideal client. My clientele has increased dramatically in the short time I've worked with her.

Dani and I laughed, cringed and followed the trail of inspiration together to help me collect 'intel' and craft offers. She's razor sharp, inspired, intuitive and understands people's motivation and needs on a deep level. A healer and marketing whizz - what a combo!"
- Dr Nathalie Chitananda Martinek

"I first approached Dani at a stage in my business where I had become clear on where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, however I wasn't getting results from my marketing. At best I was able to sell one or two single sessions with no consistency at all.

As soon as I started working with Dani, magic began to happen. She really listened to me, more so than any other coach I've worked with, she used my services to ensure she really got what I did. She helped craft my marketing campaign so that it touched those who really need the work.

Dani has helped me create an on-going client base with consistent work. Her program went beyond marketing and helped me connect to what I really wanted in life and as a result I've become clearer and clearer in my business and in my personal life. I now have a purpose for my money. Not money to pay the bills. I cannot recommend Dani highly enough. "
- Helena Ryan, Ancestral Clearer


"Dani your support for your tribe is above and beyond. Woman you rock! I was sitting in the dark and ready to pack it all away for awhile! Now I'm back with a spark that will turn into a fire. My gratitude for you having my back and supporting me. If you've read this and you're thinking of working with Dani then do it. There will be no regrets."
- Kristen Howarth

"It was excellent participating in two of your courses, then having the opportunity to work with you on both sides of the fence!! I really love the way you think, that you walk your talk and are so committed to the women you serve." 
- Katie Gridley

"Before working with Danielle I had the goal of leaving my day job to work for myself. I didn't know exactly what that would look like but knew I needed the freedom to work fewer hours and use my soul gifts. I really valued Danielle's ability to cut to the heart of the matter quickly and be direct about her insights. Sometimes this felt confronting but it was always valuable. Working with Danielle, combined with following my own intuition allowed me to leave my day job within three months. I have been able to replace my income and am now looking to grow my beautiful business."
- Victoria Crewes

"I really identified with Danielle's story on LinkedIn of being a ‘corporate slave girl’ and ‘destroyed health due to fear of leaving job’. After I learned more about her during a Skype session, I decided to enroll in her Personality of Your Purpose group program. I am very pleased to be on this journey with Danielle and a small group of women who are reinventing themselves. 

Dani is very intuitive in guiding me on my journey to finding my purpose and reinventing my career. She offers many helpful exercises that have given me insight to my own soul gifts and talents. Danielle has been helping me hone in all my thoughts, desires and experiences to identify my story and how it will help me to help others."
- Sharon Randall 

Dani’s approach has without doubt changed the way I am now looking at my business and the best way to move forward. As someone who works spiritually using my connection and instinct to guide me, I found this process refreshing to say the least. To have my strengths, but equally the areas that need addressing in my life, laid out so clearly was a real gift. I had been looking in the wrong areas of my work and life for the solutions.
— Shona Sullivan, Wellness Practitioner, United Kingdom