VIP Business Mentoring

Grow your service based business with authenticity, simplicity and inner calm. 

If the idea of generating a sustainable income through trust based business strategies and quiet marketing feels like a huge relief to you, then we might make a great team. 

This one-on-one program is both an exploration and a collaboration. During our time together I will gently and purposefully draw out the important parts of your own story which provides clues as to how you are designed to help others. 

It's both an inner and outer journey as we explore your unique message, values, lifestyle aspirations, and what business structure will be most nourishing and sustainable for you. 

These are the key areas we'll be focusing on:

  1. Clarifying what goals you can help others achieve through your business.
  2. Organising your message so it's grounded, relevant and  speaks to the hearts of your ideal client.
  3. Building a genuine audience of people who want to engage and learn from you. 
  4. Creating content that encourages two-way conversations with your audience and positions you their most trusted advisor, even before they join your list. 
  5. Crafting, refining and naming your products and services so there is a clear benefit and people can justify investing in them. 
  6. Mapping out your ideal client journey and how that leads to your paid offerings. 
  7. Growing your email list slowly with the right people who actually want to hear from you (rather than 'quickly' with people who just want your free thing but not 'you'). 
  8. Running Facebook Ads campaigns that promote your content to people who've interacted with your FB Page or website (so you don't need to rely on Facebook Groups alone to grow your business).


These are some my favourite clients. You can read their testimonies here.

You Receive:

1 x Foundational Intensive Session to start refining your message (90-min)
11 x Weekly Strategy & Debriefing Sessions (45-min)
*Sessions take place via video Conference

Payment Options:
6 x $450 AUD payments, or
$2,400 AUD paid in full.

Lets see if we would be a good fit for each other. Book a chat with me below!