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Marketing for HD Generators

The Art Of Responding In Business 

2-Part Masterclass

$35.00 AUD

N.B. This is a 'Live' interactive class. Please do not enrol if you can not attend live. 

You're a Human Design Generator but unsure how to apply it to your business, true? 

In this masterclass created especially for both Human Design Generator & Manifesting Generators I'll be teaching you how to create offers and build your business by 'responding'.

Here's what you will learn: 

  1. Tools that will support you with learning to respond
  2. When you can 'initiate' and still be in alignment with your design
  3. How to minimise the 'waiting' time
  4. Identifying what you can respond to
  5. Creating offerings in 'response' 

About the Masterclass:

  • This is a 2-part masterclass
  • Both sessions go for 60-minutes
  • Please attend this training via your laptop or desktop computer (not a smartphone or tablet) with your video camera on so we can connect eye to eye 

Prerequisites for this Masterclass:

  • You need to already have your free Human Design report and your type needs to be either a 'Generator' or 'Manifesting Generator'. If you do not know which of the 4 Human Design types you are then start here

What Previous Participants Say About This Training:

"This workshop was really interesting and informative. I have realised how I don't really 'respond' at all in my marketing. Along the way I have noticed a LOT of intel but that's as far as it has gone with me. I like the perceived feel of responding. It feels less stressful and more organic." - Tarsh Ashwin 

"This resonated so much, now to practice this new way to be. It feels a relief to begin to view what is coming in to my world. Thank you for a powerful, gentle and fun session." - Donna Cole

"Thank you for your refreshing perspective on how to respond more than initiating. Definitely, something that I am curious to implement. It looks easy when you explain it. Love the 3 questions as a starting point." - Eric Bensoussan

Why Learn From Me? 


I've been applying the #Generator strategy of responding to my business over the past 18-months and it's been a big game changer for me. My business has totally taken off as a result.

The trickiest part has been shifting away from 'initiating' everything in my business and learning to 'respond'.

So, I embedded specific systems into my business that allow me to easily create offers 'in response'. And when I create in this way selling becomes a piece of cake.

Join me in this 2-part masterclass where I'll be spilling the beans on how to grow your business through the art of responding.