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Marketing for Generators

The Art Of Responding In Business 


$25.00 AUD
Tuesday, 28th November
>> 2 class times available! 

You're a Human Design Generator, but what does it mean to respond? 

In this masterclass I'll be sharing my perspective on what it means to live your Human Design strategy in business and marketing.

Here's what we'll be talking about: 

  1. What does it mean to wait to respond? 
  2. Rituals to help you grow your Generator muscles
  3. Gathering intel on your audience
  4. Identifying themes that you can respond to
  5. Creating offerings in response to your audience

Workshop delivery:

  • This is a 60-minute ‘Live’ training via Zoom Video Conferencing hosted by me Danielle Gardner.
  • An additional Q&A Support Call will be available to those who provide feedback on the workshop.
  • Please show up for this training in the same manner as you would for a client (i.e. on your computer not a mobile device).
  • I'd love to see your face and connect in a meaningful way so please come ready to have your camera on.

What time is the masterclass? 

  • I am offering two different times for this masterclass on Tuesday 28th November to accomodate the north and south hemispheres. Choose a workshop time here.

Why Learn From Me? 


I've been experimenting with 'responding' in my business for the past 18-monhts and in that time I've developed an excellent understanding of ways Generators can respond. I'm not a Human Design expert but I have accomplished tangible and financial results from applying my design. My expertise is based on outcomes more than theory.  

Words, messaging and the psychology and soul of marketing are my gifts. I started my entrepreneurial journey in the healing and intuitive arts so I speak your language and I know how to 'ground' what you want to say so that people can see the tangible benefits of what you offer.