Therapeutic Wearables

The Aim slower light code has therapeutic power. It is a channeled intuitive design that incorporates sacred geometry to support you in slowing down, pausing to reflect, and finding a healthy balance between action and rest.

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In addition to the ‘Aim Slower’ collection, soon to be released are the ‘Festina Lente’ and ‘Dare Greatly’ collections.

The Aim Slower Collection

You can also purchase from RedBubble which despatches from Australia, and TeeSpring which despatches from the U.S. The t-shirt styles and colours from these stores are different from above.

The Background Story

In this conversation with Tammie I share why I felt it was important to include a ‘physical’ offering into my online business and how this Speedy Gonzales (aka me) was guided by Spirit to slow down so I could make more progress forward in my business.


Let’s see your tee!

Share your images on Instagram using the #AimSlower hashtag and tagging @thequietmarketer and @anaherakoha.