Articulate Your Message

A process for clarifying your message, writing offers that people can justify buying, and cultivating an audience that needs those offers 🌿

Challenges Articulate Your Message solves:

  • Not being able to find the right words to explain what you do in a way that people can easily understand.

  • Marketing feeling like hard work because you struggle to create posts that receive decent engagement.

  • People being interested in your work, but that not translating to consistent sales (unless you discount).

  • Feeling uncomfortable with promoting your offers all the time to generate clients.

  • Fear that your business will shrivel up if you step off the hamster wheel of Facebook Groups engagement.

Articulate Your Message will help you:

  • Have a clear foundation from which you can create offerings, website copy, newsletters and various types of content that will grow your business.

  • Be able to describe the practical benefit of what you offer.

  • Craft offerings that your people can justify buying.

  • Eliminate the deed to discount or do flash sales.

  • Laying a foundation for generating clients outside of Facebook Groups.

How to gauge if Articulate Your Message is a good fit for you:

  • You are able to dedicate 60-90 minutes per week to the take-away projects I give you.

  • You are open to exploring how to apply your Human Design to your business and marketing practices.

  • You value simplicity, minimalism, integrity, conservation and sustainable business practices.

You Receive:

  • 5 x Weekly sessions (1-hour each)

  • A new offering written up for you

  • Guidance on how to write content and market yourself without spending hours on Facebook every day.

Pricing Options:

Option 1 - One payment
$1033 AUD

Option 2 - Payment Plan:
5 x $220 AUD
*weekly payments

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an overview of the proceSs:


Client Feedback

During this Articulate Your Message package with Danielle, I was able to clarify the way I describe my services, better understand how to organise my messages to my audience, explored in depth how to populate my online presence, and learnt how to better tailor my offers to the needs my clients actually perceive. Dani kept me on track with my progress and our work together was both relaxed and efficient.
— Maud Briscoe-Renaud
I highly recommend working with Dani if you want soulful and honest expertise. Dani has been able to help me articulate and simplify my message. Everything feels so much lighter and manageable. I can honestly say that no other marketing and message expert has been able to leave me feeling 100% satisfied and confident in my message going forward.
— Natajsa Wagner