Articulate Your Message

A 4-session immersion where I help you find your message and a meaningful way to share it online.

‘Messaging’ is the vital (but frequently overlooked) element of business that needs our attention prior to things like website development, crafting offers and writing content. 

Without a meaningful message our marketing just creates more online noise and doesn’t get noticed because people are searching for meaning. They want more than superficial social shares and ‘how to’ content. So it doesn’t matter how ‘consistent’ your marketing efforts are, it can all be in vein without a clear message.

The objective of this 4-session immersion is to:

  1. Uncover, flesh-out and refine what your unique message is. 

  2. Be able to clearly state the tangible outcomes of your work.

  3. Identify grounded language to use so that your audience can easily see the practical value in what you offer. 

  4. Connect with your personal cause so you can thread this throughout your content and give it more meaning and personality.

  5. Have a list of 10+ ‘relevant’ content topics you can create to grow your audience of potential clients. 

  6. Know the key points to include in your offer copy so people understand the benefits of working with you. 

How will this be achieved? 

In our sessions together I’ll be intuitively guiding you through the process by asking questions, digging deep, connecting with your purpose, listening carefully and collaborating with you to piece your message together.

What happens at the end of this package?

  1. On completion of this package you’ll receive a concise 2-page document that integrates all the messaging components we discussed. You’ll be able to use this document to guide you in creating your core content pieces and offers.

  2. Your next step will be to start creating and publishing your content because this is the foundation to everything that comes next such as; building your community, creating offers that your audience want, inviting engaged followers to take a look at your offer, building your list, writing your newsletter, having a website that generates bookings etc etc.

  3. Depending on the level of support you need for these next steps you can continue with another one-on-one package, or you can receive mentoring and guidance via my group coaching program, full details on this will be available by the end of November.

    You Receive:

🌿 4 x Weekly sessions (60-minutes each)

🌿 A 2-page document outlining your message and key content topics

Pricing Options:
$830.00 AUD, or
4 x $220 AUD weekly payments
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There is a joy that comes from being able to spend less time talking about your offers. More time sharing your message. And having your content be the thing that causes kindred spirits to work with you.