When You Have No Clients Try This!


When client bookings take a dive we can get thrown into a spin of overwhelm and start making hasty marketing decisions ... like throwing out discount offers in a state of panic and desperation.

We know it's not the way to approach our predicament but we don't know what else to do while in this state. Here are 5 things that I keep coming back to when business is slow.

Overview of what I'm sharing in this audio:

  • What to do when you loose faith in being able to achieve your goals.
  • How shifting away from a multi-focus approach can be the solution to finally generate income in your business. 
  • How to remove negative thought forms that are shaping your reality
  • Making success inevitable through simplicity
  • Adopting an 'aim lower' philosophy 
  • Seeing client's chasing you! 

Lean back and press play ... I'll walk you through the steps in just a few minutes! 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

P.S. It's possible that business might be slow because your message and/or offerings are not capturing your audiences attention. Learn how to clarify who you are best positioned to serve and what you can help them with here: http://danigardner.thinkific.com/courses/ideal-client