Breaking The Marketing Rules & Still Thriving

Quiet Slow Marketing

When I was following the rules of online marketing I found it difficult to mentally log off from my business, ever! 

Even when I was enjoying a movie, a long lunch or some interesting cultural experience I felt compelled to keep checking my phone to see what was happening on Facebook. 

This is one of several experiences that lead to me questioning everything I had learnt about how marketing is meant to be done. 

In this conversation I with Tammie Pike I share how I changed my approach to marketing, my reasoning behind it and the results I’ve experienced from this change. 

Key conversation points include:

  • What to do if continual Facebook Group engagement feels too much for you. 
  • How Human Design informs us about our role in the marketplace. 
  • Your marketing message is your medicine (your heroines journey).
  • The role your ‘opinion’ and personality need to play in your content. 
  • Why you might want to ‘let go of income goals’ in order to generate more income.
  • Sabbath keeping as a spiritual business practice. 
  • Knowing your energetic capacity for face to face client contact time. 

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BTW, I’d love to hear what ideas here speak to you the most and that you'd like to implement for yourself. Let's chat in the comments :-)


Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor
Quiet Marketing & Slow Business Activist

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