Clarifying Your Marketing Message


Are you placing too much emphasis on WHO you want to help and not enough specificity on what  ‘goal’ you can help people achieve?

When the goal, change or transformation you help people with is not clear in your content and offers, then your ideal clients will struggle to ‘justify’ buying your services. This is human nature.

The human mind is designed to ignore pretty much everything that does not relate to the thing we are trying to do at any given time. That’s why, to really capture your ideal client's attention, you need to be specific about what you can help them with.

So how do you clarify WHAT you can help people with?

  1. Start by looking at your own personal journey and the results you have achieved. Everything you have experienced has positioned you to be a mentor to others on a similar path.

  2. Also consider the natural gifts and knowledge you were born with. This information about yourself provides big clues about how you can help others and what services you can offer to the marketplace.

  3. What expertise have you acquired throughout your career and life? What knowledge do you have that can help others solve their problems?

Write down your answers! 

By exploring the above 3 points you will receive clarity about your own ‘embodied results’ and therefore what you can help others with.

When you come from a place of having achieved certain results yourself, this gives you 'credibility' and fosters trust from potential clients.

Big love, 

Danielle Gardner, Marketing

Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor

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