Finding Clients Outside Facebook Groups


Is constant engagement in Facebook Groups keeping you 'switched on' day and night?  

Facebook Groups have allowed me to refine my message, given me a sense of belonging that I have never experienced before, boosted my confidence, and generated thousands of dollars in income ... for zero advertising dollars! 

The cost to me has been my time, but time well spent. The depth of connection and education I have received from Facebook Groups has been priceless ...

But all along I knew it was not healthy for me to rely on FB Groups. 

Why was that? 

Because it felt like my life was being consumed by notifications and PMs from Groups ... I loved the connection, but being "switched on" all the time meant I could not be fully present with myself or my husband.

Secondly, relying on Facebook Groups was like placing my eggs all in one basket ... I need to diversify and expand my reach.

So, what are some potential solutions then? How can we generate clients outside of Facebook Groups? 

Here are you first few steps to not relying solely on Facebook Groups. 

  1. First and foremost your content needs to help your audience right now, (even before they join your list), and your core message needs to be super clear. For these 2 things to happen you need to know 'who' you are talking to in the marketplace. Have you written out your 4-part Ideal Client description
  2. Place your helpful content on your website under your 'Blog' tab, even if it is a video or audio. Is all your helpful content sitting inside Facebook Groups where no one else can find it? 
  3. Install the Facebook Pixel onto your website so that Facebook can start building an audience of people who have been to your website ... people who are interested in you and your work. 
  4. Grow your pixel audience by sharing your content directly from your website to your FB Page, Linkedin, FB Groups etc. Here's an example.
  5.  Once these steps are in place you can run $5 a day Facebook Ads campaigns sharing other helpful content such as blogs to people who have already been to your blog, people who already know you. 
  6. As your Pixel audience continues to grow you will then be able to create a 'Look alike audience'. This is a whole new audience Facebook builds for you based on the characteristics of the people who've already visited your site. This is gold! You can now start reaching people outside of your current FB Groups. 

Can you see what this could mean for you and how you spend your time? 

Now if implementing this feels way over your head then engage someone who can help you out with this. Most things in business are feel hard before they become easy :-)

Big Love, Dani x 


Danielle Gardner
Marketing Mentor

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