Build A Community Before Trying To Sell

Community Building with George Kao and Danielle Gardner

Cultivate fertile soil for your offerings to flourish by focusing on community building, rather than client getting. 

Many people struggle to fill their client sessions and group programs because they’ve not yet created ‘fertile soil’ for their offers to take root and thrive in.

How can you tell if you have cultivated enough fertile soil?

Here is the litmus test:

  1. Write down a list of 10 people that you believe will benefit from your offer.

  2. If you struggle to write down names then your offering is probably premature and you nee to invest your efforts into growing your community.

This begs the question … how can we grow a community (in other words a following) of potential clients?

My favourite way to do this is through writing and sharing thought provoking content. If I can help my intended audience think differently about what’s going on in their life then they will be keen to hear more from me.

You might prefer the spoken word to writing and that's perfect. The important thing is that you don't just create content, you actually publish it as well. And by publish I mean post on social media, published blogs on your website, upload videos to YouTube etc.

As a starting point have at least 5 core pieces of content (i.e. blog articles, interviews) that you can share with your audience and then build up from there.

What else can you do to build a community?

  • Publish your own thoughts, ideas and opinions on your Facebook Page without any agenda to sell. Here's an example of one of my most popular 'against the grain' type posts.

  • Place yourself in situations where you can have 2-way conversations with your audience. For me it’s my Facebook Page. For you it might be LinkedIn, live events or Facebook Groups.

  • Create opportunities to meet with your audience in real time. I do this is by hosting live online classes (paid classes, not webinars). Other possibilities could be hosting in person events such as workshops, lunches, mini-retreats, or attending live events such as conferences.

  • Interview clients and peers about specific topics that would be interesting to your audience and share the recordings on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. Here's one of my examples of this.

  • Let people know you are available to be interviewed for podcasts, summits and live events. Here's and example of how you could do that.

In this conversation with George Kao we talk more on shifting out mindset to community building before sales.


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Danielle Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Business Mentor