Generate Clients Through Your Love Of Writing

Content Marketing

It may seem counter intuitive to give away your best stuff for free (without an email signup) but it's a perfect way to build a 'genuine' audience. 

When you gently and quietly allow people to get to know you through your helpful content before asking for anything in return then you end up with a more aligned following.  

And when you take this approach to getting your name out there you're going to feel really good on the inside because you are contributing to your audience ... even before they become paying clients. 

Typical marketing approaches have you focusing your time and effort on trying to 'convince' your audience you can help them through making offers. 

Content marketing on the other hand 'proves' to your ideal clients that you can help them, by actually helping them! 

And providing that help without your audience having to give up their email address or money to receive it. 

When your free content helps your audience solve a problem or achieve a goal, while at the same time giving them a sense of who you are and your personality, this is what builds your community. 

These are the people that will join your list because they actually want to stay connected with 'you' and hear what else 'you' have to say.

They are not the ones who will signup to your free resources and then unsubscribe from your list.

They want more than just your juicy tips, tools and strategies ... they want you! 

In the beginning of my business journey I didn't get this. 

I asked myself "Why would anyone want to pay to work with me if I give away my good stuff for free?"

Then by accident I discovered content marketing. 

I was looking for alternative methods of marketing outside of Facebook Groups and trying to figure out interesting questions to ask that would generate 'engagement'.

While I tried to figure out a different approach to marketing I started focusing on stuff I found really enjoyable such as writing.  

This is where I found my groove and my way to connect heart to heart with my audience. 

Today the majority of my business coaching clients come to me as a result of my blogs where I share my opinion and approach to things (rather than direct 'offers' I put out there).

How can you get started with content marketing? 

  • Have an opinion about something. This can feel scary to publicly share your unique thoughts but it will be beneficial for your personal evolution and draw in people who think like you - your ideal clients.

  • What are some of the common mistakes people make that keep them from achieving their goals? You've probably had loads of conversations about this and given advice on what to do instead - write or talk about this!

  • Share parts of your personal story as it pertains to the type of clients you are working with. They will see themselves in your story and begin to understand that you can really help them.

I'd love to hear what resonates most with you from this blog. Comment below or send me an email! 

Big love, 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor