Replacing Structure With Ritual

Have you ever felt conflicted about going with the 'flow' versus having structure? 

My word for March was 'flow'. I'd been inspired by a couple of women in my online community who had been sharing about their experience of flow and I thought "I want some of that too!".

I had a romanticised idea of what 'flow' actually means. I thought it meant floating through the day without structure and seeing where my heart lead me.

This may work for some people ... but it didn't work for me. 

I found myself spending way too much time doing the rounds with Facebook, LinkedIn and email, and that made me feel really drained, purposeless and yuk. 

By the end of March I came to the epiphany that for me experiencing flow is about having structure and a written plan for each day.

It means scheduling in what is important to me. Everything from my morning ritual, to breakfast on the balcony, responding to notifications, rest breaks and things like having an candlelit evening bath. 

And if you don't resonate with the word structure, replace it with the word 'ritual'.

My evening ritual sets me up to support my experience of flow for the coming day ...

  1. Sitting down in a comfy space I turn to a fresh page in my notebook.

  2. At the top of the page I write 'Stillness, prayer and mind emptying' which is the first mart of my morning ritual. Then I carry on writing what comes after that, and after that, including client appointments etc.

This practice keeps me grounded and gives me a beautiful feeling of satisfaction especially when I physically tick off each item as I move through the day, feels so good!

Who knows, having more structure (aka ritual) might be your key to experiencing more flow too! 

What are your thoughts on this sister? Please share them with me below! 

Blessings, Dani x  

Danielle Gardner
Marketing & Messaging Mentor 



About Danielle

Hola! I'm an Australian living in Spain. Words and the psychology & soul of marketing are my thing. That's why I love helping holistic healers, mentors and consultants create marketing messages and sales funnels that generate consistent clients.

At heart I'm a Francophile, foodie, philosopher, dream seeker, photographer, aspiring upper cruster, wanna-be folk guitar player, truth seeker, and lover of books.